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REWASO - Reducing Waste to Soil
Your Smart Countertop Kitchen Compost Bin, made for accelerating the composting process of organic matter (like food & plant waste) into nutrient-rich soil.

2½ Hours* to Soil

Convert your organic waste to soil in 2½ hours*

Blooming Plants

Have healthy plants and garden with home made nutrient rich soil

*depending on nature of the waste
How It Works

Effortless eco-friendly waste disposal!

Step by Step guide of How it Works!

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The electric composter heats the food waste in the bucket accelerating the process of composting.
Electric Compost Grinding process


It then proceeds with grinding the heated waste to crumbs of compost matter and also reduces its volume by up to 80%.

MD-11300 (8)


It is followed by an active process of cooling the compost matter in order to avoid burning of the nutrients.
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 The final step concludes with UV-C Sterilization to avoid spreading of any diseases or bad bacteria into the soil.


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Large Capacity

The kitchen compost bucket has a 3 litre capacity for maximum load

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Removes Odor

A Carbon Filter is used to remove odor

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UV-C Sterilization

Disinfect with UV-light inbuilt in the lid.

Rewaso power icon

Energy Efficient

The countertop compost bin consumes less electricity than your dishwasher or washer.
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Dishwasher Safe

The bucket is completely dishwasher safe on bottom rack too.

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Smart Safety Lid lock

The lid comes with safety lock to avoid any mishaps.

Touch icons of home based electric waste composter

Smart One-Touch System

From organic waste to compost in just one touch of a button. Now that's smart!
Moisture icon

Smart Self Cleaning

Fill up the bucket, press a button and let the machine do the cleaning.
Timing Icon

Smart Self-Timer

The indoor composter sets the run-time for every cycle using smart sensors based on the nature of waste.

Nutrient-Rich Soil in 2½ Hours*

Convert Organic Waste to Nutrient-Rich Soil in as soon as 2½ hours and use that soil for your Home Garden or just donate it to your local compost center.

Organic Waste to Compost using Electric Composter
Rewaso Kitchen Waste to Compost Mobile View
*depending on nature of the waste

Let us do our bit to save the Environment

Rewaso Electric Home Compost Reducing Carbon Footprint

Reduce Global Warming:

Waste in landfills is a major reason for emitting methane and other green-house gases which cause global warming.
Covnert Waste to Soil and reduce waste with electric home composter

Reduce Waste:

By treating your waste at your home you will reduce your daily trash substantially.

Covnert Waste to Soil and reduce waste with electric home composter


By treating your waste at your home you will reduce your daily trash substantially.

Reduce Reuse Organic Waste with Compost
Reduce carbon footprint with counter-top electric compost for home

Reduce Carbon Footprint:

Sending less waste to the land-fill thereby indirectly reducing the carbon footprint required to process the waste.

Reduce odor of organic waste and convert it into soil

Remove Garbage Odors:

Processing your organic waste will reduce foul odors emitting from your garbage bin.

What's in the box for you

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Rewaso™ Composter

Kitchen Electric Composter Filter

Carbon Filter
Cartridge x 2

Electric Compost User Manual

User Manual

2 Years Limited Warranty

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