Are you fed up with that slow composting process? Do you want that beautiful brown stuff on your hands quicker by speeding up composting? If yes, then this article comprising 15 tips will be worth reading. However, you can consider composting as a vital recycling process.

 Anyone can be frustrated by the lengthy process of composting. Fortunately, you’re at the right place because we know to boost the composting process. With the below-mentioned tips, it would be easier for you to get nutrient-rich fertilizer faster.

Shred your waste

You might already know that it is easier for smaller materials to break down. So, why don’t you try shredded fallen leaves in your compost? Even it is recommended to use a blender for your kitchen scraps. This way you’ll get the moisture benefit while adding the scraps to compost.

Go for easily digestible materials

There is a high amount of lignin in materials like wood. Due to their large size, it becomes difficult to turn into compost. You can give it a try with other materials like grass clippings which compost a lot faster. Thus, some materials can compost much more easily in comparison to others.

Right combo of carbon and nitrogen 

You should maintain a balance of nitrogen and carbon to the ratio of 20:1. For nitrogen, you can use materials like seaweed, kitchen scrap, etc. On the other hand, for carbon-rich materials, you can try dry leaves, corn stalks, etc.

Activate the process with compost activators

You can call compost activators accelerators too. You can easily find such boosting agents in your nearby gardening centers or hardware stores. With the aid of these activators, you can speed up the process by adding nitrogen. You can go for horse or chicken manure because these two come with high levels of nitrogen.

Boost the volume of your pile

Have you ever noticed that whenever you make a small pile, then its contents cool down? So, it is better to try the larger compost heaps because they work better in comparison to smaller ones. Switch from a small bin or heap to increase the compost size for speeding up composting. 

Turn the pile as much as possible 

Within the first two weeks of composting, it is good for your compost to turn at least five times. The advantage of turning the pile is that it will aid in speeding up your compost. By this, there will be no chance that your compost pile core will become overheated.

Add moisture in the right ratio

Do you have the moisture level measuring tools? If not, then you can hold as much compost as you can at a time and squeeze it. It would be better if the consistency is like squeezing a sponge. Just spray each new layer with moisture if your compost is dry. On the other hand, you can add dry material like shredded paper for soaking up the excess water.

You can add coffee grounds 

It would be safe for your pile if there is a layer of coffee ground. Through this, your compost will get microbes rich in nitrogen. Also, you can notice a faster decomposition process with high activity levels. You can ask your local coffee shop for this free compost material.

Have some air pockets

We all are well aware of the importance of oxygen flow, and the same case is with microbes. Through oxygen, they will break your yard and food waste easily. Within the pile, you can create small air pockets for boosting up the process. You can use semi-decomposed wood chips, which are considered the easiest way to boost aeration.

Give a try to compost duvet

As you know, warmth can be added with hot water, but to maintain it compost duvets come in use. By this, the optimum temperature can be balanced for bacteria to break down organic materials. Now, there are two options, firstly, to buy compost duvets and secondly, to make them by yourself with materials like bubble wrap.

In summer, keep compost outside

Until now, it is clear that there is a huge role of heat in composting process. Do whatever you want to do, but without heat, your compost will be of no use. So, if possible, then keep the compost outdoors, especially where the compost will get plenty of sunlight.

In winter, keep compost indoors

As it is better to keep the compost outdoors in summer, the opposite case in the winter when one must bring compost indoors. The thing is that your pre-compost will retain its heat when it is kept away from cold spaces. During a cold winter, your composting process will slow down if the heap is kept outside.

Your old compost or soil will work

If you’re left with some old compost or soil, then before using it firstly ensure there are enough bacteria to initiate the composting process. Just a rough idea, your single teaspoon of soil must comprise more than 100 million bacteria. You can use such compost or soil because the hard work credit goes to bacteria and fungus in the composting process. 

pH levels must be lowered

The thriving of microbes usually takes place in a slightly acidic to neutral environment. If you want to lower the pH level, then it is better to add acidic materials like oak leaves. With the maturing of compost, its environment must turn out to be more neutral.

Add manure to your livestock

If you’ve livestock on your farm, then it is best to for this tip. You add nitrogen-rich manure from your livestock to speed up the composting process. However, you have to make sure that there is not much manure, and your pile must be well aerated. With this, the bacteria will thrive on the pile, and boom you’ll notice a boost in the process.  


You can go for as many tips as you can from the above-mentioned points. It is a fact that some might require more precision in comparison to others. Now, you can also use such finished compost sooner in your yard or farm. So, go and hit your garden to make your compost faster and use them more efficiently.

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