Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint by minimizing kitchen waste? Well, it is possible because many home chefs are doing this. You can also reduce food waste by switching to an electric countertop composter. So, get ready to turn yourself into an environment-conscious person.

There are a range of best electric countertop composters to choose from, but they vary in terms of features. So, it would be better to research distinctive options and look for specific composters as per your needs. To help you out we have come up with this blog to make you choose the perfect composter.

Benefits of electric kitchen composter

1) Versatility

With an electric composter, you can process a range of organic matter like coffee grounds, kitchen scraps, vegetables, and many more. Even there are some models which accept pet waste, dairy, etc. That’s the thing that is usually not suitable for traditional composting methods.

2) Reduced landfill waste

If you want to reduce the organic waste heading to landfill, then it would be better to switch to an electric composter to compost kitchen scraps. In landfills, food waste can generate methane which is a kind of potent greenhouse gas that results in climate change.

3) Educational tool

If you’ve children or you’re new to composting then electric composter can work as an excellent educational tool. It is possible to provide a hands-on experience with such a composter. You can easily demonstrate the principles related to sustainability, nutrient cycling, and decomposition.

4) Nutrient-rich compost

You can expect high-quality compost with electric composters as they produce compost full of nutrients. Its controlled composting process aids in ensuring that compost is well-balanced and can nourish your plants.

Is it worth it to buy the best electric composter?

If you thinking to buy an electric kitchen composter, then it might be your preference or a need. So, before buying it, make sure to consider the below-mentioned factors:

1) Space

Electric kitchen composters are composters that can easily fit in small kitchens or on countertops. If you’ve limited space and it’s not possible to try a traditional compost bin, then it would be better to switch to an electric composter. They also come in distinctive sizes, so purchase them while considering your kitchen size. 

2) Environmental impact

Are you interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle? If yes, then must give it a try to electric composters as they can divert the dumping of food waste by composting it. After all, composting is the only eco-friendly way to reduce such waste. Keep in mind that not all composters will process in the same manner.

3) Time

When you make compost with an electric composter, then you’ll notice that it is much faster than a traditional one. The reason is that techniques like heat are used while accelerating the decomposition process. If you don’t care about time, then any of the electric composters will be perfect for you. 

4) Cost

In comparison to the traditional compost method, electric kitchen composters are much more expensive. Well, they vary in price, and that’s why it’s better to consider your budget. Also, look for features, if they are expensive then their features justify their cost or not. 

Best electric food composter

1) Rewaso Composter 

Are you also someone who doesn’t want to adjust anything and lets the composter do things on its own? Now, it is possible to do so as this composter can set the run-time for every cycle by itself. According to the nature of waste, it can use smart sensors.

Are you worried about the spread of disease? Well, there is no need to worry anymore because Rewaso comes with UV-C Sterilization which can prevent disease or bad bacteria spread. There is an inbuilt UV light present in the composter’s lid.

Price: $349

2) Lomi Composter

Do you want to save extra money? Everyone wants to save money, but what if we say you can save money while using a composter? With Lomi Composting it is easy to do so as it consumes 60kWh per 100 cycles. 

You can easily turn your food waste into odorless by switching to Lomi Kitchen Composter. So, you can reduce your carbon footprint with this device and save whatever waste is present in your kitchen by 50% to 80%.

Price: $499

3) Reencle Composter

Are you thinking that just because it is a machine, it will produce noise? If yes, then you’re wrong because hardly produces any. However, when you are quite close to the composter, then you might hear the sound of the paddle gently turning around. 

No one wants their composter to smell, and that’s possible to avoid with Reencle Composter. You can reduce the odor by pressing the purifying button. There might be a case when you get a musty smell at times, it can be while opening the bin.

Price: $429

4) beyondGREEN Composter 

You might be surprised by knowing that this countertop electronic composter can process up to 5 lbs. Whatever kind of food waste you generate it can process them with the weekly capacity of 4-gallon.

There are mainly 3 power settings that make it easy to compost for you. It is manufactured from recyclable materials, which add only just $3.00 to your monthly electricity bill. It can save you time as this composter is 10 times faster in comparison to average backyard compost.

Price: $449


Do you generate food waste daily like no one else does? Then you can switch to this device which has a 19L capacity. Even it comes with a daily processing capacity of 2kg. Well, there is no need to wait and play with buttons on the composter. 

Are you fed up with the high heat, noise, and dehydration generated during the composting process? If yes, then the real deal is to choose this electric composter.

Price: $699.99


It is up to the individual priorities and circumstances whether they want to buy an electric kitchen composter or not. But before buying any composter must compare distinctive models. We hope with our blog you’ve finally decided to buy the composter according to your needs. 

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