Nowadays, everyone’s schedule is filled to the brim with responsibilities and commitments. That’s why it is vital to look for solace in the simple things. Are you also someone with a passion for greenery, but there is not much time to devote to gardening? If yes, then low maintenance plants can be your perfect companion.

All you need is just to make the right selection for such plants. After that, you can easily enjoy the greenery’s soothing benefits without even spending excessive effort and time on upkeep. To make this task easier for you, we have come up with 10 low-maintenance plants that can thrive with minimal attention. 

Best low-maintenance plants

1) Cactus

Cactus comes with a wide range of vibrant flowers, spines, and shapes. At least 6 hours of direct bright sunlight is enough for them to thrive. You can refresh their soil and provide space for growth just by repotting them every 2-3 years. 

However, it would be better to handle them with gloves or tongs because they have spines. Such kinds of plants can easily tolerate neglect which is perfect for several environments such as outdoor and indoor.

2) Cast iron plant

This resilient and rugged indoor plant can be seen with lance-shaped and dark green leaves. As per its name, you can guess the ability to withstand neglect. If there is limited sunlight, then there is no issue because it can easily grow in low to moderate light conditions. 

This slow grower can even tolerate low temperatures. Whether you’re experienced or a beginner plant enthusiast, this low-maintenance nature plant is suitable for you. 

3) Aloe Vera

This is a kind of succulent plant renowned mainly for its soothing gel, which is used for several skin remedies. Due to the arrangement of spiky and fleshy leaves in the rosette, it can be used for both practical and decorative. 

You can place them in indirect and bright light indoors. During warmer months, just move aloe vera in moderate sunlight. Encourage their healthy growth by pruning damaged or dead leaves. They can easily tolerate some neglect and that’s why fit perfectly for busy individuals.

4) Peace Lily

This graceful indoor plant is usually known for its dark green leaves and white flowers. You can take care of them by watering the dry top inch of soil. As they prefer more humidity, you can mist the leaves or just place them on a tray full of pebbles and water.  

However, a bit of neglect is tolerable, and that’s why they often droop when water is required. Just by trimming yellowing or dead leaves, you can encourage their new growth. 

5) ZZ Plant

This low-maintenance plant is quite popular for its dark green and glossy leaves that resemble feathers. It is drought-resistant because its rhizomes can store water. This highly resilient plant can survive neglect which makes it the perfect option for beginners. 

Even if you forget to water them for weeks, then also they can survive. Thus, its minimal care requirement and striking appearance make it an excellent addition to any space. 

6) Spider plant 

Spider plants can be seen with arching, white, and green striped leaves. Generally, they are known for producing baby plants or siderites, which can easily dangle from long stems. During the growing season, spider plants appreciate slightly more water. 

During the dormant winter months, they prefer less water. This low maintenance and air-purifying plant makes them a great option for offices and homes. It can be a wonderful addition to your plant collection because this plant is easy to care for and has a unique appearance.

7) Snake plant

This hardy indoor plant is also commonly known as mother-in-law’s tongue. Their leaves are like an upright sword which comes in several green shades with yellow margins. Make sure you water sparingly to allow the soil let dry out between waterings. 

This plant is ideal for beginners because they are drought-tolerant and can handle neglect. Even they can improve your indoor air quality just by purifying the air. Just give it minimal care, and you’re all set to give your living space a touch of natural beauty. 

8) Pothos plant 

This popular houseplant is versatile and can be seen with heart-shaped leaves that come in a range of shades like gold, white or green. The trailing vines of the pothos plant make it famous. It is a perfect option for trailing down shelves or hanging baskets. 

This adaptable plant can withstand any neglect, but occasional pruning is required to boost its fuller growth. For both experienced and novice plant enthusiasts, this is a fantastic choice due to its ease of care and beauty. 

9) Jade Plant

When it comes to succulents, the jade plant is one of the most popular. The reason is its tree-like appearance and oval-shaped leaves. Generally, it is referred to as the “lucky plant” or “money plant,” which might be due to its association with prosperity. 

They can thrive best in indirect and bright light, but in lower light conditions, they can thrive as well. You can easily propagate them with the help of stem cuttings. Such plants can turn into long-lived and stunning additions to your garden with little care.

10) 9 O’Clock Plant

Among low-maintenance garden plants all year round, the 9 O’Clock Plant is one of them. It got the name due to its tendency of opening vibrant flowers around 9 a.m. You can water the plant’s base to avoid the leaves getting wet.

 A thin layer of mulch will work to deter weeds and retain moisture. It is perfect for hanging baskets, and ground cover in garden beds or pots. You can make a colorful garden display by pairing it with other drought-tolerant plants.


There is no need to have a high-maintenance endeavor to bring nature’s beauty into our surroundings. Things like beginner gardeners, someone preferring a hands-off approach, and busy professionals don’t matter. Because the solution for incorporating greenery into life is above 10 low maintenance plants garden options.  

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